Unconventional framework
delivering exceptional value

Here’s to the next generation.

Every company has
something they need to sell.

Whether it’s excess inventory, dated merchandise, surplus real estate, obsolete equipment, a new product introduction, additional distribution, leftover production capacity or non-performing financial assets. Valuation and liquidation issues challenge the health and balance of a company.

We buy and sell under-performing, surplus or otherwise distressed assets of all kinds. Our unique differentiator in the market is our proprietary asset exchange framework that enables selling entities to realize significantly higher value than any other form of divestiture.

Kevin B. Hoff, President   READ HISTORY

Within a variety of industries, we work relentlessly to deliver extraordinary results. Across a range of acquisition and exchange transactions, we create more value than any other form of divestiture for our trading partners.

Our six principles

Our six principles are the framework and philosophy for our business that we apply to be more creative, fulfilled and transformational in ourselves in order to deliver greater impact and value to others.


Have the endurance to always act with integrity. Give others the dignity, honesty and respect they deserve by embracing their experiences, aptitudes and skills to encourage the power of diversity.


Creatively solve problems by asking who not how from all sources that can enable you to achieve success despite challenging obstacles.


Live by a philosophy of mutual benefit. Create superior value for the company by doing so collectively for our trading partners, community, family and society.


Be intellectually honest and flexible. Accept your self-worth and embrace your strengths and limitations. Be accountable and hold yourself and others to a higher standard.


Reimagine your contributions to the company. Develop a vision for improvements, strategies and methods that will enable the company to deliver a bigger impact and create more value.


Never stop learning, never stop delivering our best work, never stop improving, never stop inspiring, always keep the faith.